Love is simply a feeling until we act on it. These recent weeks, my world was turned topsy-turvy when my otherwise meticulously planned Sundays to Saturdays did not go, well, as planned. I blame the business. And my other commitments. As they increasingly become welded into our lifestyle, I find myself acting more heart based, rather than list based, that emphatic list outlining unnegotiable to do’s, minimum and maximum spends, weighty checklists and everything else that seemed to keep my very logical ways (and sanity) at bay.

I constantly find myself deviating from that hefty list for many reasons, reasons…

Searching and re-searching for the best restaurant experience, shopping and shop hopping in search of quality leather, maybe cashmere, or a weekend getaway, maybe a luxurious bedspread before the clock strikes 12 on February 3, every week leading to February 3, two years ago and every year before that without fail. That was me, for ten years, engaged in an annual obsessive hunt for the perfect birthday gift for my mama. That is until we lost her to cancer.

Losing a loved one is an open-ended repertoire of harsh realities. Especially losing them to cancer, a disease holding the characteristic…

KTC Stories

A serial founder who is Confucius inspired. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” I admire stories of faith, courage and kindness

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